Celebrating International Day of the Girl Child! October 11th!

Join us in celebrating International Day of the Girl Child October 11th! There are so many ways you can make a difference in the lives of girls around the world with us. Currently, we work in Kenya and Mexico with plans underway for a 3rd location in the world! Very exciting!

You can celebrate with us from where you are! Wondering how? Check it out!

1. Provide education to a young girl in Kenya in our Shining Scholar’s Sponsorship Program

Did you know that only 46% of girls are attend secondary school in Kenya (UNESCO, 2016) ? So, that means that 54% are not continuing beyond 8th grade for various reasons. One of those reasons is the school fee barrier since high school education in Kenya is not free. Other reasons include menstruation and not having necessary supplies (period poverty) that causes absences. By sponsoring a girl as a Shining Scholar, you can remove the school fee barrier! And, as part of her sponsorship, she accesses our Saturday Girls Empowerment classes where we distribute pads on a monthly basis. Learn more https://www.theangazaproject.org/sponsorship

2. Provide income generating skills classes

Not all of the Shining Scholar’s go to college, in fact, most do not. We offer income generating skills classes in sewing, beading and braiding to the girls who are interested. When you see the beautiful and colorful dresses from East Africa, most are made by hand and it is a lucrative business in that region. So, we want to equip the girls we serve with the skills necessary to be successful in what could be a future business for them.They can avoid staying on the edge of survival and instead be a successful business owner one day! Your gift can provide the master-crafter teacher, additional sewing machines and supplies or the beading and braiding supplies for the classes to continue.

3. Support women in crisis

We also work in Mexico directly with The Refugio (Refuge). The Refuge is a safe place for women to go to when they escape domestic violence, sex or drug traffickers, or substance abuse. The Refuge was created by and is currently facilitated by a local church. Your gift can provide basic needs items that allow the client to remain in place without additional stressors, as well as education materials about trafficking and substance abuse. We also partnered with a women’s ministry that visits the women weekly teaching them praise and worship songs and encouraging them in women’s empowerment group meetings on various topics.

We want to thank our friends and supporters for making a sustainable difference for young women around the world