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Meet the Team: Meet the Team

Jennifer Wiley

 Founder & Board President

Jennifer lives in North Carolina with her husband Needham and her cat Scooter. She started out working as a Probation Parole Officer in Special Operations, earned her Masters degree, then joined academia as Criminal Justice Faculty and served as the Basic Law Enforcement Training Director (BLET). During her time at the Community College, she was awarded the Faculty Excel Award for Community and Global Service (2017) and is an alumni of the North Carolina Community College Leadership Program. In 2019, Jennifer joined the UNC University System as a Criminal Justice Clinical Faculty.


 Since 2013, Jennifer has been in Mexico and  Kenya serving in women's and girls empowerment work. In Mexico, she cultivated a relationship with an already existing women's refuge that The Angaza Project supports with education empowerment and women's hygiene products. In Kenya, she created the Girls Empowerment, Shining Scholars, Shining Brighter, Women Who Shine, and Maridadi Skills programs with support of the community.  In 2019, she was awarded the AmeriCorp & Points of Light Presidential Volunteer Service Award.



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