Shining Scholars  (High School) 


Shining Brighter (College | University)

Empowering her through education!

When you choose sponsor a young girl in school in Kenya, you are truly changing her future! UNESCO (2016) notes that only 46% of girls are in secondary school (High School), which leaves even less who attend College or University. School fees make it nearly impossible for most to attend after grade 8 and girls face this harsh reality more so than boys when resources are available. 

Shining Scholars Sponsorship

The Angaza Project partners with local High Schools in Kibera, her parent or guardian, and YOU to offer her a path to a brighter future. 


Attending school can help her remain unavailable to certain dangers that lurk in the community and empowers her future. Being able to attend school also provides her with other interventions such as a daily meal, access to water, sanitation and health. 

When you sponsor her for $25 a month, you will be able to:

  • Have a personal match to a girl!

  • Remove the school fee barrier for her to stay in school (includes a meal at school)!

  • Provide her a monthly supply of feminine hygiene care 

  • Receive her termly grade reports  

  • Receive photos of her with our ground visits & send/receive letters with our ground visits 

  • And, truly change her future! 

Shining Brighter (College or University)

The Angaza Project has relationships with several Colleges and Universities in the greater Nairobi area that support Shining Brighter. She will have the opportunity to first complete the Certificate level of study before being considered for the Diploma or Bachelors (depending upon scholarship availability). 


Certificate level fees vary based upon the Institution, but would include application fee (we have a reduced rate given to us), registration fee, course tuition, student association fee, student identification, Course examination fees, and a graduation fee. What is not included on the College's or University's initial cost sheet is the required Health Examination of the student for admission (we connected with a local public hospital on a nominal fee for this), the class supplies (notebooks, writing utensils, and a laptop), and the public transport from Kibera to the Institution for class days.  

When you Shine Brighter with us, you will be able to: 

  • Contribute to the Shining Brighter Scholarship and be part of a larger team or you can have a personal match as the sole sponsor​. As a contributor or sole sponsor, you will receive updates, semester grade reports and photos of the young lady you have impacted!

  • Provide her with a monthly supply of feminine hygiene care

  • Send/receive letters with our ground visits