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We are all part of the puzzle!

Have you ever spent time putting together a puzzle? So many pieces…… yet each piece is important to the big picture and unique, no matter how big or small! Each piece has a place it is needed and each piece has a role in completing the bigger picture. When it comes to women’s empowerment, there are many excellent organizations out there in the world that are all about serving women and girls in various issues. So, what makes The Angaza Project so special then? That is easy! We joined them and turned up the volume! The Angaza Project has the same heart as so many other organizations for making a difference so we joined in on the work of empowering women around the world! By joining in, we rai

Diversifying our Board was a step toward better governance!

We are proud of our diverse board at The Angaza Project! "It doesn’t get any better than this," says our President and Founder. Over the years of her work in both Mexico and Kenya, she has met so many people and volunteers and it was there in the field that she has met each one of the now Board Directors. Looking back over the years, she met Xiomara Laureano in 2011, Joe Gichuki in 2013, Vidhi Patel in 2015, Juan Montufar in 2016, Kylee Henneman in 2017, and finally, April Huang earlier this year in 2018. “I truly feel like we have one of the best boards out there! Of all the hundreds of volunteers I have met, especially in Kenya over the years, each of them really stood out for their passio