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Board Director Highlight | Juan Manuel Montufar Vizzuett

Starting off the new year, we want to highlight one of our Board Directors who has been with the team since before the beginning of our official launch in 2018. We would like to recognize Board Director Juan Manuel Montufar Vizzuett who is part of our team in Hidalgo, Mexico. Juan and his wife Rosario own and operate a clothing store in Actopan right in the town square, but he is further involved in his community through his service as a law enforcement officer. Juan worked with the local city of Actopan Police Department for many years, even serving as the Chief before he promoted to the State level law enforcement. He left the municipal level for greater opportunity in service to his State and has since been with the Hidalgo State Police serving in different cities within the State of Hidalgo. Our Founder (Jennifer) works within Criminal Justice as well and has been with both of his departments on many occasions throughout Hidalgo. (Juan is second from left, front row)

Juan (far left) truly cares about his community and has taken up interest in women's empowerment and issues of femicide. Juan (and his wife Rosario) work with The Angaza Project in serving women in the community through a community refuge and within the streets of Actopan. In addition, Juan has partnered with Mrs. Laura Vizzuett in the City of Actopan's President's office (Mayor's Office) to help support the International Day of Women each year in March. He not only helped to provide local security, but he supported the event with his participation on the stage and engaged the speakers of the day which included our Founder and President, Jennifer, a Senator from Mexico City and the President (Mayor) of Actopan.

Juan works incredibly hard in his community on issues of community safety and promoting women's empowerment. Enforcing the law and having a social worker's heart is a challenging balance at times, but Juan is very skilled in this balance. We are impressed with both his and his wife Rosario's success in helping women from the streets or dangerous situations to the refuge.

We look forward to Juan and his wife attending our Annual Event in March 2023 to meet and greet with all of YOU, our friends and supporters as well as share the stories of the women served by The Angaza Project in Hidalgo, Mexico.

The other Angaza Project Board of Directors and women and girls served in our programs would like to recognize Juan Manuel for all of his hard work in making a difference for the women and girls served throughout his region - thank you so much for all you do Juan and cheers to many more years of building forward.


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