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The Angaza Project issues a 2022 Presidential Volunteer Award to Kevin Wachira of Viatu Foundation!

A couple years ago, our Founder Jennifer Wiley met the Founder of Viatu Foundation, Kevin Wachira, in a Facebook Nonprofit Growth pilot program hosted by Facebook. As the world was navigating a pandemic, the Founders engaged the pilot program to see what everyone was doing and share ideas. As everyone was posting a brief introduction of their nonprofit in the pilot course, Kevin connected with Jennifer after seeing a familiar Swahili word- Angaza. After a chat, it turns out that Kevin is originally from Thika just outside of Nairobi, now living in Kansas City, MO, working as a Registered Nurse at the St. Luke's Hospital of Kansas City. In Kevin's summary of Viatu Foundation, he shared that it was formed to serve children across Kenya who were in need of shoes.