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Women's Empowerment Launch!

We are excited to launch our (adult) Women's Empowerment workshop today! Fay Sejo of La femme Coaching is our teacher for this program that meets on Saturday mornings in our project location in Kibera, Kenya. Teacher Fay brings a great deal of experience to our program! For the last several years, she has hosted a women's radio talk show in Nairobi and holds women's empowerment ticketed events from time to time around the city. She has authored a 5 week lesson plan just for The Angaza Project's Women's Empowerment program on various topics such as facing fear, leadership, self worth and more! The women have received a journal notebook and pen for class as well as a supply of pads as part of

Global Leadership Conference | 2019

We would love to thank Operation Smile for their invitation to be a speaker at their Annual Global Leadership Conference held at Wake Forest University on July 18th. The conference theme this year was "Chaos, finding adventure in the face of adversity" and we had a great time in our sessions with the participants. Even though Operation Smile and The Angaza Project have very different missions, Operation Smile welcomed us to share our work around the world so the participants can see what else is happening on the global stage. Not all of the conference participants are from the medical field so this was a perfect opportunity to meet, greet, and be part of their big event! With over 500 young

Another visit to Kenya!

We are excited to announce that our Founder is returning to the ground in Kenya for several weeks! It is a longer trip than usual which will allow for more time with the skills classes, girls and women's empowerment classes, and our Shining Scholars. Our Shining Scholars will be on a bit of a break from class which will allow them more time for activities with us during the week! We are looking forward to launching another adult women's empowerment cohort with Fay Sejo of La femme Coaching in Nairobi while Jennifer is there and spending time in home visits with our Scholars to share back with our sponsors! Stay tuned!