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Celebrating our 7th High School Partnership!

We are excited to celebrate another High School Partnership for our Shining Scholars in Kibera, Kenya! This is our 7th with two more on the way over this summer! Not long ago, we shared a blog post about empowering the girls through education, but also doing so by obtaining additional partnerships for more schools as a choice. This additional school this month has been a great asset to the Shining Scholars Sponsorship program due to its location in Soweto. We look forward to some of our Shining Scholars being very successful here!

It is not goodbye, its see you soon!

Goodbye's are always difficult, but it is a short one! Leah left North Carolina and is making her way back to Maasailand in Kenya. Soon, she will be touching down on the runway in Nairobi, but so will we! We are excited to be heading back to the ground in Kenya again already this summer with another Board Director! Our Founder and President, Jennifer, will be on the ground for a few weeks soon and seeing Leah again! Leah's visit was a busy one with women's empowerment planning and sharing, but we also left time for some good old fashioned fun while she was here in North Carolina. Not only did she try that Eastern North Carolina BBQ, we tried bowling too! Guess who got a strike on her first t

Karibu to North Carolina from Maasailand, Kenya!

The Angaza Project is excited to welcome Leah from Maasailand this week to our Founder’s home in North Carolina. Our Founder, Jennifer Wiley, has been a part of this particular Maasai community in Kenya since 2013 and the women of the local church there are always a joy to be around. Leah is the leader of the Maasai women who have come together to form a women’s support group in their community. They support one another on various women's issues in the community, hold women's Bible studies, and they help one another to advance their skills in jewelry making. These ladies take their beautiful pieces to market and it helps the women earn an income with dignity and support their families. Our F