It is not goodbye, its see you soon!

Goodbye's are always difficult, but it is a short one! Leah left North Carolina and is making her way back to Maasailand in Kenya. Soon, she will be touching down on the runway in Nairobi, but so will we! We are excited to be heading back to the ground in Kenya again already this summer with another Board Director! Our Founder and President, Jennifer, will be on the ground for a few weeks soon and seeing Leah again!

Leah's visit was a busy one with women's empowerment planning and sharing, but we also left time for some good old fashioned fun while she was here in North Carolina. Not only did she try that Eastern North Carolina BBQ, we tried bowling too! Guess who got a strike on her first time bowling? Leah, of course!

She does have bowling skills!

Leah also spent time giving a lesson on making the best chapati. We made enough for Jennifer to have at least one a day until her trip back to Kenya. If you are wondering what Chapati is, it is the best! It is flour mixed with some warm water, a bit of salt, even a dash of sugar and then rolled out (kinda like a pizza). You give a glaze of oil then cut it in long strips and roll them up, making it look like a Cinnabon (best description available!).

Once it sits, you roll it out, keeping its circle shape. Next, you put it on the chapati pan and cook both sides, stacking them, flipping them and then letting them cool. Even though we left time for some fun, our time with Leah was important. Taking a deeper look at the needs and opportunities together will let us continue to work forward in serving women and girls!