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Women Who Shine 2020 title awarded to Jane Arum!

Every year, The Angaza Project looks forward to recognizing the leadership, commitment, and service to others that a young woman provides her community. Throughout 2020, Jane has shown a high level of commitment to those around her! She unselfishly gave her time and academic talent to our High School girls who were displaced from school since May because of the pandemic. With schools closed, it became even more important to keep them engaged in learning and Jane teamed up with our Coordinator to creatively deliver 210 hours of tutoring as of this week. As a College Student and displaced from class herself, she wanted to reach back and help the girls behind her. Jane also stepped up to identi

210 hours and counting!

As you know, schools have been closed in Kenya since mid-March. That is 7 months to date! With schools closed, it only provided closer proximity to those dangers we all worked so hard to keep the girls from in the very first place. COVID-19 certainly challenged the community and all of the organizations within. At first, we had to find creative ways to remain connected to the girls and distribute food care bags, and we we did! We created specific reporting times, one every hour, to come pick up using a table to slide the bag across. We even worked with others to get it delivered to the door step of the girls while walking by (not stopping, but a quick "here, take this bag" and keep walking).