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It is all about connections and timing!

It is all about connections and timing! When we think back to our initial planning stages of the Girls Empowerment group we wanted to launch, we remember that it was all about connections….. the right place, the right time….paths crossed just as they were supposed to….. God orchestrated and timed it.... it was all right on time! The shell of our organization for our work in Kenya was already in place with women’s skill building classes, girl’s empowerment sessions, and our Shining Scholar’s Sponsorship Program…. And all we had to do now was fill it in with teachers, resources, and a schedule of operation at this point. When our Founder, Jennifer, was in Kenya in July 2018, one of the many g

Thankful for Partnerships!

We are so thankful for our partnerships in the field in Kenya and Mexico as well as within the United States of America! Partnerships bring strength to one another as no one organization or person can do it all! Just like the composition of our Board of Directors, each of our partners in the field brings different strengths, experiences and serious expertise to the table and when we share all of that, it creates a win-win situation. The ultimate winners of it all…. the girls and women we serve and the communities they live in. As we work with our partners on the ground, we recognize that we cannot have 10 leaders taking charge all at once in every single thing we do. When in our service area

Celebrating International Day of the Girl Child! October 11th!

Join us in celebrating International Day of the Girl Child October 11th! There are so many ways you can make a difference in the lives of girls around the world with us. Currently, we work in Kenya and Mexico with plans underway for a 3rd location in the world! Very exciting! You can celebrate with us from where you are! Wondering how? Check it out! 1. Provide education to a young girl in Kenya in our Shining Scholar’s Sponsorship Program Did you know that only 46% of girls are attend secondary school in Kenya (UNESCO, 2016) ? So, that means that 54% are not continuing beyond 8th grade for various reasons. One of those reasons is the school fee barrier since high school education in Kenya is

The Unknown Trucker

The Unknown Trucker is a real person that we have not yet met! We do know his real name though! As we grew our relationship with The Refugio (The Refuge) in Mexico to support the women’s programming, the items that we often support such as pads, soaps, towels, etc. piled up into boxes. The airlines only allow up to 50 pounds per bag and going to Mexico, the airlines allow only one checked bag per person. So, with that noted, getting everything to The Refugio can be challenging and it was being done over several trips. At one of our meetings with The Refugio and their staff, we discussed buying these basic needs from a warehouse in bulk for better savings and value. It allows us to be better

Women Who Shine Award | Our 2018 Recipient is announced!

We are excited to announce our Women Who Shine Award for 2018! This award was established to help meet our mission of providing education and economic opportunities for women around the world. This award specifically supports professional development opportunities for a woman in either a women's empowerment workshop or a class/training in their field of work that she needs to propel her forward to reach her career goals. Our 2018 recipient of the Women Who Shine Award is Michelle Akoth of Nairobi, Kenya! For the next year ahead, her seat with La femme Coaching of Nairobi is covered, including her travel costs to the various locations around the city! Congratulations Michelle! The Women's Em