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We are growing! And... trusting the transition!

We are continuing to grow and could not be more excited! We are trusting the transition! Even though COVID-19 disrupted the world, leaving our community with closed schools, closed or reduced programming, and closed businesses, we still found a way to engage our participants at a distance. Each of those closures mentioned created further harm for the people in Kibera. School children relied on their daily lunch meal at school and the schools are now closed. The parents and guardians had no work with businesses and daily jobs closed down which had a direct impact on their ability to care for their families (food and ensuring shelter). Taking it even further, there were county lock downs and o

Emmah continues to shape the future for girls!

We are so glad Emmah volunteers with us here at The Angaza Project! Emmah graduated with a degree in Counseling and Psychology from Kenyatta University and she has been working in the counseling industry to include work with teens and smaller children (play and art therapy). She has a great deal of experience conducting home assessments and working with clients to create goals. We asked Emmah to share a bit more with us about her passion for serving others, especially teen girls in Kenya and here is what she had to say….. “I have realized that as much as empowering girls in Kenya has improved, those who are marginalized are still left behind. I want a society where a girl will not be judged