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Girls Empowerment | Peer Pressure and Abstinence

Every Saturday, we host a Girls Empowerment Workshop in Kibera, Kenya. Recently, one of our Volunteers & Girls Empowerment Committee Leaders (Kayla Recck, Therapist for the Charleston County School District, South Carolina) authored a 16 week lesson plan book that covers a variety of topics. We are excited to launch these new lesson plans with the new cohort that will begin on May 4th! This last week, our Girls Empowerment Teacher Michelle, covered the topic of peer pressure and abstinence. Did you know that worldwide, it is estimated that around 16 million girls aged 15 to 19 or 1 million girls under 15 give birth every year (accounting for 11% of birth worldwide) (UNFPA, 2016)? "When youn

Young women empowered through Career Connections!

Kibera, Kenya | Our Girls Empowerment program had an amazing opportunity today with the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KMRI) of Nairobi for a tour of their facility and time for Q&A with the researchers about their jobs and what it took to reach that position. The Angaza Project is grateful to Fay Sejo of La Femme Coaching of Nairobi for her help in obtaining this opportunity from some of her close friends and contacts at KEMRI as well as thankful to the Administrators (Marsha) of KEMRI for welcoming our program to their facility! Their partnership in helping our young women connect to careers early on is important. "I really learned a lot from the women who do the research and I liked se

Michelle focuses on confidence, not shame. Period.

Updated 5/28/2020 | Michelle got real with The Angaza Project recently and shared her experiences and struggles of the past as a young girl in Kibera that got her period. Getting a period may sound like no big deal, but try getting your period as a young girl, in Kibera, with few toilets (that even cost money to use each time), little privacy at home with all being in one room, having enough water for bathing, and no access to pads. Michelle shares her journey and experiences with us all to help break the silence and empower girls to manage menstruation with confidence and not shame! “As a girl child growing up in the slums of Kibera it was a struggle…… and it still is. Girls face a variety