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A Silver Seal of Transparency!

We are happy to share that we have earned our Silver Seal of Transparency with GuideStar! To earn a Silver Seal, the organization has to have first held Bronze then share their financial information after filing is completed. Up to this point, we did not have financial information to share as we were within our first year of operation. December 31st, our year ended and we filed our 990-N. It was a short year for us (May-December), but there is so much to celebrate! Earning the Silver Seal is something we are proud of since transparency is important to us. GuideStar allows the organization to do one of two things to report their financial information. The organization can upload their Audite

Women's Skill Classes | A local master crafter paves the way!

Kenya | Women's empowerment is hindered by early marriage... female unemployment continues to be a challenge for women (UNWomen Africa, 2017). You can make a difference in all of this by joining us! We are excited to share that our women's skills class is going so well on Fridays with a Master Crafter- George. George has been perfecting his craft over the last 20 years right here in Kibera. He makes the most popular shoes that have intricate beading designs. This is quite the business here in Kenya and he is teaching a weekly beading class to women and girls in the community with The Angaza Project. By teaching them how to utilize the tools and create the designs, they can become skilled in

Girls Empowerment | Transforming like butterflies!

Every Saturday we host our Girls Empowerment in Kibera, Kenya and it continues to grow! When it first started in August 2018, we had a class of 15! Today, our class holds up to 30 girls! We are growing every month! This week was packed with fun! We enjoyed a visit from Fay Sejo of La Femme Coaching and we had a volunteer to join us, Reagan Murphy from New Hampshire, USA! Reagan is in Kenya volunteering in music education at a school in Kibera, but on Saturdays, she joins our Girls Empowerment! Last week, she covered the topic of bullying with our girls and it generated quite the discussion and allowed the girls to begin creating a support network with one another. This week, Fay and Reagan c

Volunteer Spotlight | Impacting girls and women around the world, meet Kayla!

Volunteer Spotlight | Meet Kayla Recck! Kayla is from Summerville, South Carolina and has a special place in her heart for Kenya! Kayla has been to Kenya on more than one occasion starting in 2014 where she worked with at risk youth and orphans in Kibera (Soweto). ​ Kayla graduated from Springfield College with her Masters degree in Community Counseling and Psychology. She is also certified in Trauma Informed Therapy (Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing. She also has a a credential for Suicide to Hope. ​ Kayla has always had a passion for empowering others! After earning her Bachelor's Degree, she worked in Charleston with the Dep