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Girls Empowerment | Transforming like butterflies!

Every Saturday we host our Girls Empowerment in Kibera, Kenya and it continues to grow! When it first started in August 2018, we had a class of 15! Today, our class holds up to 30 girls! We are growing every month!

This week was packed with fun! We enjoyed a visit from Fay Sejo of La Femme Coaching and we had a volunteer to join us, Reagan Murphy from New Hampshire, USA! Reagan is in Kenya volunteering in music education at a school in Kibera, but on Saturdays, she joins our Girls Empowerment! Last week, she covered the topic of bullying with our girls and it generated quite the discussion and allowed the girls to begin creating a support network with one another. This week, Fay and Reagan covered growth, development and change.

To help with the lesson plan, the girls did some arts and crafts and made butterflies. Just like butterflies, each will have times of growth, development and change through seasons. Sometimes that growth and development is challenging, but the end result of it all is strength, beauty and uniqueness...... transformation just like butterflies!

The girls made these butterflies with construction paper and decorated them with markers and glitter designs. Glitter is quite a big deal since it is not often found in markets! (Photo of volunteer, Reagan Murphy, who made The Angaza Project a butterfly today, representing our growth and change over time too! We loved it, very meaningful, thank you so much Reagan!)

We could not do this without you and we want to thank you for helping to deliver the Girls Empowerment in Kibera, Kenya! In a location where only 46% of girls are able to go to high school (UNESCO, 2017) and 41% of girls age 15-19 in Kenya experience gender based violence (UNICEF, 2017), our girls empowerment provides a safe space to be, learn, and grow! Your support helps provide the class snack each week, arts, crafts, and other class supplies (journals, pens, chalks, etc.), and the teacher-mentor who covers important topics like self worth, boundaries, bullying, and more! Join us today!

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