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Shining Scholars Sponsorship | Kenya | Kibera One of the ways in which we empower the younger women in Kenya is through education. After many years of being in the community and learning how the school system works in Kenya, High School education still has many barriers for the student and it is why we chose to empower young women at this point educationally. When we started the Shining Scholars Sponsorship program, we had a relationship with two schools to get it started. We felt that having just these two schools as a choice did give her the chance to get High School but it was still.... limiting to her. Sure, operationally it is much easier to be in weekly contact with only two Principals

Celebrating World Day!

World Day is something we are excited to celebrate with so many other people and organizations.... around the world! The UN General Assembly declared May 21st as World Day in 2002. Including 2002 and for the last 18 years, this day has been dedicated to the focus upon cultural diversity for dialogue and development. The Angaza Project finds this to be of great importance as our service areas are in Kenya, Africa and Mexico. In these locations, our work not only works in two very different cultures from one another, but it also shakes hands with the promotion of human rights. We seek to empower women around the world to shine through economic and education opportunities. To help us to celebr

First Annual Event | Shine!

Our First Annual Event was a success thanks to all of our supporters and volunteers! Our theme for this year's event was Shine! Did you know that Angaza means Shine in Kiswahili (the official language in Kenya)? We would like to thank Idlewild Baptist Church in Matthews, North Carolina for hosting our event this year! Our evening began with a warm welcome from Board Director & Sponsorship Advisor, Kylee Henneman followed by a Dinner on a Donation. We are grateful for the support received by Harris Teeter which sponsored the evening meal of a beverage and spaghetti dinner with the fixings (cheeses and salad/salad dressings). It was not complete until the Women's Softball Team, KAOS, baked des