Shining Scholars Sponsorship | Kenya | Kibera

One of the ways in which we empower the younger women in Kenya is through education. After many years of being in the community and learning how the school system works in Kenya, High School education still has many barriers for the student and it is why we chose to empower young women at this point educationally.

When we started the Shining Scholars Sponsorship program, we had a relationship with two schools to get it started. We felt that having just these two schools as a choice did give her the chance to get High School but it was still.... limiting to her. Sure, operationally it is much easier to be in weekly contact with only two Principals and locations....conducting a site visit by our Girls Empowerment Representative on the ground every week was a simple stop in one and walking across the way to the other and being able to lay eyes on all of the girls in a two to three hour time span......but this is not about us or what is easy for us to do. This is about serving her, it is about her future!

We are very excited that our relationships with High Schools have expanded! We started with two and we now work with six under MOU's! She has a choice and we are continuing to very carefully review the other schools who have contacted us (their values, policies and procedures) to see if they would be appropriate for a visit by our Board of Directors next. It might take more time to conduct our site visits from here on out, but it brings us a greater reach, a deeper connection in the community, and it empowers her which is the first priority!