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Sending your care bags! Thank you!

Board Director Juan and his wife Rosario along with a few volunteers were able to successfully pack and deliver food care bags to the women in the community in Mexico. 23 women/their families were served. We also want to thank our friend Miss Emma for her support and work in this activity! Emma has been serving her community for so many years and we are so thankful for her involvement! Juan, we call him Chief since he serves in a high ranking law enforcement role, monitored the groups deliveries and provided proper security throughout the duration. Just like in our other service area of Kenya, the day to day jobs have been impacted which then impacts other areas of life. The women send their

Leaders behind the masks

There are so many excellent quotes about leadership floating around out there, but these here really stand out. “The true test of leadership is how well you function in a crisis “ – Brian Tracy “Anyone can lead when the plan is working. The best lead when the plan falls apart “ – Robin Sharma “Leaders think and talk about the solutions. Followers think and talk about the problems” – Brian Tracy “In the moment of crisis, the wise build bridges and the foolish build dams” – African Proverb When thinking about these quotes, each is so meaningful, especially now when we have seen each one come to life. Functioning well in a crisis certainly doesn’t sound easy, and…. it isn’t. But, the faces behi

Maridadi Skills Teachers made 480 masks to date!

Since our Maridadi Skills Teachers re-purposed the skills space to mask making from the COVID-19 outbreak, they have made 480 masks to date using the fabrics and materials the friends of The Angaza Project provided. We continue to give them out in the community for free on a daily basis (we just have to be more calculated when passing them off due to the ban of issuing of anything in the community). After the masks are chalk marked on the fabric, cut, pinned and then sewn together, they are taken to the Maridadi Skills Teachers shoe shop for the elastic to be added. His heavy duty shoe machine does an incredible (and quick) job of sewing in and reinforcing the thicker elastic we were able to

Planning, organization, and being pamoja (united) are key!

Planning and organization are key, especially when carrying out work in the community. Yesterday in Kibera, there was an unfortunate situation that occurred at the District Office where an unplanned food distribution took place resulting in chaos, leaving many injured. There are various news outlets reporting on the matter and while we don't favor one news outlet over another, here is one that describes the incident: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-04-10/stampede-in-kenya-as-slum-residents-surge-for-food-aid We checked in with our local team who had a bit more information about it and they were quite disturbed over it. We also checked in with the Pamoja Circle where about 15 oth

Kibera News Network stopped by!

We want to share our appreciation for the Kibera News Network for having stopped by the project to peer in to see what we were doing. Reporter Joshua was able to see our Maridadi Skill Teachers making masks where they were chalk marking the pattern, cutting, pinning and sewing! In addition, they also got to meet our Girls Empowerment Teacher and Coordinator, Miss Michelle, who was waiting on the next Scholar or Girls Empowerment participant (or their parent) to arrive for their scheduled time (very spaced apart) to collect a care bag of food, pads, and soaps. Check out the story here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCKPCQcdAp4&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR2GUkmbL7jCusZhAc2Ecji0Z0GXB7mP7-Vxha

We want to say thanks and share an update!

The Angaza Project would like to thank the many friends who have stepped in and joined our work in Kenya. Due to COVID-19, our services are postponed because of the calls for social distancing and requests of the KE MOH and larger Government. We already miss our Girls Empowerment every Saturday, the women's empowerment with Teacher Fay, and our Maridadi Skills classes with Teachers George and Bernard. In our weekly phone calls to all of our participants to check in and stay connected, it is something we have heard from every girl at this point- I miss Teacher Michelle, I miss Fay, or they ask how Mr. George and Bernard are doing. COVID-19 has truly strained daily life around the world, but a

Swirling worry leads to re-purposed space, George's skills come to the rescue!

As you may know, our Maridadi Skills class has been working on beading and then sewing them into the flip flops with Teacher George. Our Founder has known George for almost 8 years now and with his talent and skills in sewing and shoe making, he became the teacher for Maridadi Skills in 2018. Since then, Teacher George, of George's Sandals in Kibera, has been teaching beading and sewing skills to the ladies in the community so they can work on their own using their new skills to make an income for their family. With COVID-19 having changed daily routines around the world with social distancing, curfews/stay at home orders, and postponing gatherings, we had to postpone all of our gathering ac


Pamoja, we must be! Pamoja is a Kiswahili word for united and we are grateful to be connected with so many other NGO's, CBO's and/or organizations in Kenya and now around East Africa. We became a member of the Pamoja Circle a few weeks ago which is a circle of NGO's, CBO's, organizations, and local businesses that we all connect with for our organizational work in Kenya specifically, but this morning we joined an even larger network of organizations upon the invitation of their panel. This larger network included organizations throughout East Africa and beyond where we were able to come to the table with offices from Burundi, Tanzania, Uganda, and also Kenya to share the concerns, experience