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Women Who Shine | 2019

We are excited to announce our Women Who Shine Award recipient for 2019! This award was established to help meet our mission of providing education and economic opportunities for women around the world. This award specifically supports professional development opportunities or training for a woman in one of our service areas. Our 2019 recipient of the Women Who Shine Award is Michelle Akoth of Nairobi, Kenya! For the next several months, a seat with Lafemme Coaching of Nairobi is covered for various workshops, including her travel costs to the event locations around the city of Nairobi! Congratulations Michelle! The Women's Empowerment workshops she will be completing include classes on emo

A future Surgeon and a heart of service! Thank you Grace!

Virginia Beach, Virginia | Grace Ford definitely has a heart of service and she will be among the top surgeons of the world one day! Grace is in High School, working hard in her studies, and researching different medical schools to determine her future campus. In her spare time, she is involved in various leadership and community service activities, which is how we met her in the first place. Grace was selected for a seat at the Global Leadership Conference facilitated by Operation Smile and held at Wake Forest University in North Carolina this past summer in July. She attended our conference session about "Chaos- finding adventure in the face of adversity" and when we shared the areas we wo

2019 Women's Hygiene Products Drive | Now through December 31

Many thanks to all who supported our 2019 Women's Hygiene Product drive so far! Last year, we had 5,787 pads to arrive which was amazing! The pads traveled with each trip throughout the year, but more recently, we have found local companies on the ground in Kenya to deliver to our project space directly when we buy them online! This will allow for better timed distribution over the next year, help us avoid some unique questions in customs where officials like to tax incoming products in large quantity, and avoid baggage limits by the airlines (weight limits especially with the bar soaps and number of bags without excess charges- additional bags with airlines can cost anywhere from 200-400 do

Celebrating our Girls Empowerment Teacher, Miss Michelle!

We are thankful for the strong women involved in The Angaza Project every day, but we are celebrating something extra special right now! Our Girls Empowerment has been going strong for one year as of July 27th which means we are also celebrating Teacher Michelle's one year with us! Michelle has grown up in Kibera and also attended High School at a local community school within Kibera. She worked so hard in school, went on to some college courses and also completed a leadership-mentor training certificate. Michelle knows first hand the challenges that young girls face in Kibera and has a passion for creating change in her community. She has been working with girls as a community volunteer for