A future Surgeon and a heart of service! Thank you Grace!

Virginia Beach, Virginia | Grace Ford definitely has a heart of service and she will be among the top surgeons of the world one day! Grace is in High School, working hard in her studies, and researching different medical schools to determine her future campus. In her spare time, she is involved in various leadership and community service activities, which is how we met her in the first place. Grace was selected for a seat at the Global Leadership Conference facilitated by Operation Smile and held at Wake Forest University in North Carolina this past summer in July. She attended our conference session about "Chaos- finding adventure in the face of adversity" and when we shared the areas we would like some help in, she was first to hop right in to be part of it!

Grace has just completed a video for The Angaza Project highlighting a few of our Shining Scholars for their sponsors. We truly appreciate the work that Grace has done to help support other High School girls her age in Kenya. Very special, very meaningful! Thank you so much Grace!