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Introducing Shining Brighter!

We are excited to introduce Shining Brighter! As you may be aware, the Founder and our Board of Directors made several trips to Kibera, Kenya over the years (since 2013). They noticed two key educational gaps, specifically for girls in Kibera. Shining Scholar Sponsorship and Shining Brighter are the responses to those educational gaps. We are proud to be one of several organizations that offers programs to serve the community with education sponsorship for High School which truly makes a difference, especially for girls. Our Shining Scholar Sponsorship program focuses on girls in High School because High School is where the dropping point is for most. The government covers education through

Fun on a field trip!

We want to thank the friends of The Angaza Project for making this field trip possible for our Girls Empowerment and Shining Scholars! Today, we went to the Nairobi Baptist Church Kibera for a community event that offered various singers, dance teams and family friendly comedy! The girls had a great time with the Chaperones and we also appreciate the energy our Chaperones gave to the girls today. Check out a few of our photos of all the fun today!

Women's Empowerment | Be a shining leader every day!

Kibera, Kenya | Women's Empowerment November 9, 2019 Today's Women's Empowerment topic was all about leadership in the community with our facilitator Fay Sejo of La femme Coaching in Nairobi. You might have heard her on the local radio throughout the city or have seen her ticketed events, but we are so happy to have her as part of our Kenya Team and involved in the Women's Empowerment programming! Fay has been facilitating our Women's Empowerment since its launch and we appreciate her dedication! (Fay Sejo of La femme Coaching) Most women (and girls) are left out of the leadership opportunities and conversations in this community. When we look back over time, some women who wanted to run fo