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Women Who Shine | 2019

We are excited to announce our Women Who Shine Award recipient for 2019! This award was established to help meet our mission of providing education and economic opportunities for women around the world. This award specifically supports professional development opportunities or training for a woman in one of our service areas.

Our 2019 recipient of the Women Who Shine Award is Michelle Akoth of Nairobi, Kenya! For the next several months, a seat with Lafemme Coaching of Nairobi is covered for various workshops, including her travel costs to the event locations around the city of Nairobi! Congratulations Michelle! The Women's Empowerment workshops she will be completing include classes on emotional intelligence, leadership, managing the change process, networking and collaboration skills, finance management, and more! This will continue to propel her forward in the opportunities that are ahead of her! We send a special thank you to the friends of The Angaza Project for making this award available for a very deserving lady! Our 2020 Women Who Shine Award applications will be opened again in March 2020, reviewed and announced in April by the Board of Directors.

Lafemme Coaching is a well known women's empowerment workshop in the greater Nairobi area. Fay Sejo, Director, is often on the local radio of Nairobi and offers ticketed events throughout the city each month. Tickets go fast every time, so you have to act fast when Fay announces them! We are proud of Michelle and can't wait to share more later down the road!

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