A Silver Seal of Transparency!

We are happy to share that we have earned our Silver Seal of Transparency with GuideStar! To earn a Silver Seal, the organization has to have first held Bronze then share their financial information after filing is completed. Up to this point, we did not have financial information to share as we were within our first year of operation. December 31st, our year ended and we filed our 990-N. It was a short year for us (May-December), but there is so much to celebrate!

Earning the Silver Seal is something we are proud of since transparency is important to us. GuideStar allows the organization to do one of two things to report their financial information. The organization can upload their Audited Financial Statement for the year completed by an independent auditor or they can self report their figures with the expectation to be honest... and we were!

We are happy to share the news of our Silver Seal and we will be working toward earning the Gold. The GuideStar seals are just as meaningful to us as they are to the public when considering which organizations will receive their support. We know it matters! We want to make sure we give each seal and process the proper time and attention it truly deserves.

*Note: GuideStar recently merged with Foundation Center to become Candid (signed on Feb 1). As that process unfolds, you can count on us to update our seals and meet any new requirements for the seals of transparency!