Women's Skill Classes | A local master crafter paves the way!

Kenya | Women's empowerment is hindered by early marriage... female unemployment continues to be a challenge for women (UNWomen Africa, 2017). You can make a difference in all of this by joining us!

We are excited to share that our women's skills class is going so well on Fridays with a Master Crafter- George. George has been perfecting his craft over the last 20 years right here in Kibera. He makes the most popular shoes that have intricate beading designs. This is quite the business here in Kenya and he is teaching a weekly beading class to women and girls in the community with The Angaza Project. By teaching them how to utilize the tools and create the designs, they can become skilled in the design work. Shoe makers, just like George, often outsource the beading work for these popular shoes so having this skill will enable these women to engage paid work and make a living with dignity. The Angaza Project provides the tools and materials for the women to learn this skill, along with the teacher. Your support for our skill classes allows more women to have a seat in a class that can change their future! (And those who remain committed to learning this skill will have continued access to the tools to engage their new paid work).

(Photo of George in his shop in Kibera! Inside those buckets are the beads and supplies for our weekly skills class that he takes with him to our class location)

Want to know more about the Master Crafter George? We have known George since 2013 and he is just part of our extended family now! We sat down over sodas in his shop and asked him to share how he got into making shoes in the first place. George was born and raised in the greater Nairobi area and came to Kibera just over 20 years ago. He was not sure what he wanted to do in life at that point and did not have formal training in anything. His sisters husband was a shoe maker and decided to help him by teaching him this skill. Over the last 20 years, George not only perfected it himself but he was able to open up his own shop/store in Kibera. Today, he sells tons of his shoes! A little secret....our Founder has 72 pairs to be exact and is still looking to pick up any new design he makes! Even though there are other shoe makers all over Kenya, you don't have anything good unless you have a George's!