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Emmah continues to shape the future for girls!

We are so glad Emmah volunteers with us here at The Angaza Project! Emmah graduated with a degree in Counseling and Psychology from Kenyatta University and she has been working in the counseling industry to include work with teens and smaller children (play and art therapy). She has a great deal of experience conducting home assessments and working with clients to create goals.

We asked Emmah to share a bit more with us about her passion for serving others, especially teen girls in Kenya and here is what she had to say…..

I have realized that as much as empowering girls in Kenya has improved, those who are marginalized are still left behind. I want a society where a girl will not be judged for being “too girly” (what is that anyway!). Empowering girls breaks those limits that society has historically placed upon them as norms. Telling a girl her periods are her pride and that life doesn’t begin and end with a husband is important to me. Early marriages/teen marriages still happen here and I would like to see a day where that is not the case. Our society is still so critical of discussing sex education, nobody wants to talk about it, they frown when the idea of it is brought up for schools or even in community programs sometimes. That is concerning since local reports right now are all about the increasing teen pregnancies that have been noted by community health centers or other organizations working deep in the communities.

I look forward to a future of women standing up for other women which is already starting to happen! I look forward to a future where women are engaged in the policy making for our country, especially in policy that also concerns females. My work in Counseling and Psychology in the community is incredibly important to me, I am so grateful I get to help shape this future and create more leaders of tomorrow!” - Emmah

Emmah does a lot of booked public speaking on a variety of topics with her credentials, but also has a focus on marginalized teen girls. The Angaza Project loves that she gives her time and energy to us and we can absolutely say her class and delivery are engaging and meaningful! We appreciate having Emmah under the limited setting at the moment due to COVID-19. Over time, Emmah will reach our whole roster of girls with our Girls Empowerment Coordinator, but for now it was limited to a few, spaced, masked girls at time. We do look forward to the future where our space feels more comfortable and lively with the whole roster together once it is deemed safe to do so by the KE Ministry of Health.

Want to be a part of empowering girls? You can from where ever you are in the world! We have a few ways you can help! No matter where you are located, we have a link that gives you a way to support our hygiene program- Get Involved (you can click the Donate button under the Giving column- it helps to support pads, soap, wash cloths for all of the girls monthly) or if you are local in Kenya, you can contact us to drop those specific items to our program as well. Once covid-19 is no longer a concern or threat in the future, we can even schedule you to visit/distribute yourself with our Coordinator if you like! The other way you can help is if you ever shop on Amazon, please use AmazonSmile (same thing, but it is Amazon's charity), when you select The Angaza Project as your charity of choice, Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchase total to us! So easy! We also accept interns in Kenya who are needing an Attachment location (currently on hold due to covid-19), please email us or message us on Facebook to discuss more information if interested!

Thank you! Asante Sana!

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