The Unknown Trucker

The Unknown Trucker is a real person that we have not yet met! We do know his real name though! As we grew our relationship with The Refugio (The Refuge) in Mexico to support the women’s programming, the items that we often support such as pads, soaps, towels, etc. piled up into boxes. The airlines only allow up to 50 pounds per bag and going to Mexico, the airlines allow only one checked bag per person. So, with that noted, getting everything to The Refugio can be challenging and it was being done over several trips.

At one of our meetings with The Refugio and their staff, we discussed buying these basic needs from a warehouse in bulk for better savings and value. It allows us to be better stewards of what our donors give to us when buying in bulk at better prices. Even though this was well planned going forward, we still had a large quantity of basic needs items in the United States to deliver. We checked every shipping option and it was extremely expensive. As we started to plan our future visits and work for the year, the local Chief of Police in Mexico mentioned that there was a trucker who carried products (ceramics, veggies and fruits) exported from Mexico into the United States for a major company and he knew him. Chief reached out to him to discuss bringing the remaining boxes for us on his next round trip. After several chats on the telephone with our Board of Directors, The Unknown Trucker was more than happy to take our boxes in his cabin since it was serving his home community. He mentioned there was another reason he was very happy to do this, but in the early discussions he had not yet shared that other reason (he left us quite curious!).

Not long after, the boxes were on the road to Mexico and made it several days later to the steps of the Refugio. What we later learned….. the Unknown Trucker was once a recipient of services for victims by The Refugio and knows how important the services are to the community, especially the women. He said it changed his life and he wanted to give back to what was given to him. He made sure the women at The Refugio received those items from people who love them (all of YOU) from afar!