Her focus on education is fierce!

From the Dean’s list at Appalachian State University in North Carolina to Kibera, Kenya, Kylee Henneman’s focus on education is fierce! Kylee is a Senior at Appalachian State University this year studying Elementary Education with a concentration in Social Studies. Even before her college career, she was traveling the world promoting the importance of education. She started her missions work in the United States and later ended up in Nicaragua helping to facilitate a sponsorship program that allowed children to attend school. In 2017, Kylee took her passion for education to Kenya where she teaches a 3rd grade class and has built a library filling it with over 500 books.

While in Kenya, she met up with The Angaza Project where she now serves on the Board and as the Sponsorship Advisor for the Shining Scholars Sponsorship Program. The Shining Scholars Sponsorship Program focuses on helping girls to complete their high school education. Education is not always free or paid for through government monies in other places of the world and in Kenya, the challenge of school fees often leads to dropping out as early as in Form 1 (equivalent to 9th grade). According to the UNESCO Institute for Statistics, it is estimated on a world-wide level that there are about 139 million secondary school aged students not enrolled (UIS, 2018).

With the close of each school term in Kenya, Kylee obtains the sponsored students grade report, a personal letter and a few photographs to share with the sponsor. She pays close attention to their grades and wants to see high marks. Over the next few months, The Angaza Project will be working with an organization in Kenya that facilitates volunteer experiences (Networks for Voluntary Services) to begin scheduling their education-based volunteers to provide after school tutoring to our girls. We look forward to seeing the girls earn high marks from hard work, just like Kylee has done in her college career.

We are so proud of Kylee for her accomplishment of making the Dean’s list and proud to have her as a role model for our girls in Kenya! You can find Kylee’s name on the Dean’s list here

She is getting ready to return to Kenya in May so stay tuned for her ground work!

(Photo: Kylee (right) and her proud Mom, Kayle (left))

Interested in helping a girl finish high school in Kenya? You can reach Kylee to sign up or learn more about it! Kylee checks the organization e mail daily so you can reach her direct! info@theangazaproject.org

You can also visit our website | www.theangazaproject.org/sponsorship

(Kylee is on the left, Bayleigh is on the right)


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