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Maridadi Markets!

Throughout the year, we make hand crafted items available from Kenya and Mexico! We have hundreds of pieces to choose from! "Look, wear, and be maridadi with us"

Maridadi is a swahili word for stylish or beautiful. Be sure to accessorize your seasonal wear with hand crafted jewelry or beaded sandals from Kenya. The jewelry is made from paper, rolled into a bead, coated with hardening substance and beaded onto fishing wire. It is colorful, unique and truly beautiful! This is a skill that the women in the community have mastered over the years!

The sandals are a popular summer item, although depending upon where you live, you might be able to wear them throughout the year. A gentleman in the Kibera community that we know well has been making them for the last 20 years! Recently, we teamed up and he is now one of our master crafters that teach the girls and women in the community how to create the beading design and attach it to the sandal. This will allow them to learn a new skill and receive George's outsourced work for the beading part of his shoes.

Our website has an online store and we look forward to activating that very soon. In the mean time, you can still browse what we have available! When you make a purchase with our Maridadi Markets, you are making a big difference. The maker earns and the small profit remaining goes directly back into our programs for program supplies and teachers that facilitate the income generating skill classes for the girls and women.

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