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Meet one of our Board Directors, April Huang!

April has lived in New York City for 8 years. She graduated from New York University Stern School of Business and currently works as a Marketing Director at a major company in New York City. She is also a Graduate Student now!

Coming from China, she has always had a passion for cross-cultural communication and empowerment. At age of 12, she started a girl scout selling roses in local community, through which she raised funds for various charity projects. At age of 16, she traveled to San Diego as an exchange student where she volunteered in local organizations and brought Chinese culture to local high school. During college, she committed her time to entrepreneurship and employed the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility in her company's daily operation.

With her dream to empower more women around the globe, April traveled to Kenya where she worked in women's empowerment projects teaching health awareness classes and mind empowerment workshops. She raised funding and started the first computer lab for the women's center during her stay in Kenya.

April hopes to continuously contribute her business knowledge to projects that provide education and job opportunities for women around the globe.

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