Shining brighter together! La Femme Coaching with Fay Sejo!

Fay Sejo, Founder of La Femme Coaching in Nairobi, has been working as a motivational speaker for women (and men) for decades! The Angaza Project is very excited to be working with Fay in both our Girls and Women's Empowerment activities in Kenya! Fay recently came to visit our Saturday Girls Empowerment class in Kibera and our teacher Michelle and the girls absolutely loved their time with her.

We are currently working with her to plan workshops specifically for the lady teachers of Kibera as part of our women's empowerment activities. With some of our board directors working in education, we know how important it is to support the women who are shaping young lives every day in the classroom! Teaching in a developing community such as Kibera presents unique challenges and teachers are not afforded the opportunity for additional development in their jobs. That makes our planning so important! Stay tuned for more information in the future on how you can help a teacher to attend the workshops with La Femme Coaching- Fay Sejo of Nairobi.

We appreciate Fay's hard work to empower women and are excited to shine brighter together! ​Fay has a real passion for empowerment. Fay shared with us that part of the drive for her work comes from the challenges she experienced growing up in Kenya. "I grew up with a very low self esteem, self doubt and wanting to discover who I was, I always had a big hollow feeling in me searching for identity. I didn't quite have someone or people who would reach out and help me answer the deep questions that lingered in my mind...... I made a resolution that I will always reach out to renew hope in others. I am looking forward to teaming up with The Angaza Project to provide women's empowerment workshops to the lady teachers of Kibera. Those teachers are serving in an area of true challenge, living in the slums is not an easy life. Often the students are coming to school dealing with poverty, prostitution, alcoholism and broken families and teachers still have to manage the classroom while making room for all of that and caring for their students, being a role model. Being able to empower the teachers to keep going and to be part of helping them to rise above it is important. If the teacher quits, then who do the students have?"

Fay doesn't begin or end an engagement without prayer! She says "Prayer is our invitation to God to intervene in the affairs in our lives. Everything works for good when God is in it. It is a request to Him to work His ways in this world. At La Femme - Fay Sejo we must acknowledge Him before we start and end an event and He has been so Faithful!!!!"

Fay frequently offers public workshops around the greater Nairobi area so be sure to watch for her schedule of events and buy your tickets to see her on stage! You might also catch her on the local radio in Nairobi from time to time!

(Note: Photos and the La Femme Coaching logo belong to Fay Sejo- La Femme Coaching of Nairobi)