Celebrating International Women's Day

International Women's Day is celebrated each year around the world in many places, while it is ignored in others. We are excited to celebrate this important day alongside of so many other great women's organizations in the world! This year, the United Nations theme for International Women's Day 2019 is 'Think equal, build smart, innovate for change'.

The Angaza Project has been working hard to contribute to this theme in various ways in our service areas. Each Saturday, we host a Girls Empowerment in Kenya, weekly income generating skill classes (Maridadi Skills) that will help women to earn an income with dignity, a Shining Scholars Sponsorship program to assist high school girls to complete high school, and a weekly women's empowerment meeting in Mexico. We are continuing to grow and have several things in our plans for 2019 (you can check it out in our annual report that is available!)

To help us celebrate this special day, we would like to highlight our Girls Empowerment teacher, Michelle! Michelle shares our passion for empowering women around the world and each Saturday, she facilitates our Girls Empowerment in Kenya. Michelle grew up in Kibera and can connect with the struggles our girls face in the community on a daily basis. The girls in our Shining Scholar Sponsorship and Girls Empowerment workshops look forward to their time with Michelle each week since she is an inspiration to them! Michelle shares with them how she navigated the same things and how focused, hard work allowed her to find her way through it. She finished her high school education and had the opportunity to attend a leadership camp/workshop where she learned the skills needed to facilitate empowerment topic workshops of her own. She also checks in on our skills classes and monitors the attendance and progress. She cares about the success of the women in the community and wants to help ensure they have a seat at the table with their voices heard!

We are proud to have Michelle on our team in this work around the world and so proud of her accomplishments that are an example to so many in the community!