Karibu to North Carolina from Maasailand, Kenya!

The Angaza Project is excited to welcome Leah from Maasailand this week to our Founder’s home in North Carolina. Our Founder, Jennifer Wiley, has been a part of this particular Maasai community in Kenya since 2013 and the women of the local church there are always a joy to be around.

Leah is the leader of the Maasai women who have come together to form a women’s support group in their community. They support one another on various women's issues in the community, hold women's Bible studies, and they help one another to advance their skills in jewelry making. These ladies take their beautiful pieces to market and it helps the women earn an income with dignity and support their families.

Our Founder’s host brother, (Josephat) in Maasailand connected Jennifer to these ladies in his home church years ago, and Jennifer (along with The Angaza Project) is happy to host Leah in the United States and share a bit of North Carolina with her while having planning sessions together for women’s empowerment work. It was only a few weeks ago that Jennifer, Josephat and Leah were spending time together in Nairobi so having her in North Carolina makes things feel a little bit more like home for our Founder! While here in North Carolina, Jennifer and Leah will also be meeting with some friends of the The Angaza Project so they have a chance to spend time with her all the way from Maasailand in Kenya! Stay tuned for more of the fun in a follow up blog post! We look forward to sharing more throughout her visit!

(Photo received from Josephat and Leah, permission to use)