Girls Empowerment | Career Connections with the Inked Sisterhood

It was another great day at our Girls Empowerment today as we engaged another Career Connections activity. The Inked Sisterhood came to visit us as a special speaker and presented on their careers.... a lawyer, an accountant, and a publisher! The girls were able to hear all about the hard work needed in school, the commitment, and good choices required to reach those positions. The girls were also able to spend some time talking about the importance of upholding the idea that a girl can do anything a boy can do. Traditionally, riding piki bikes (motorbikes or motorcycles) is a hobby or sport of the men, but these amazing ladies have shattered that view with what they do and now shared it with our Girls Empowerment.

So many have heard of the Inked Sisterhood and Piki Dada (another awesome group of professional women) from the recent BBC story that highlighted them in the greater Nairobi area. You can read all about them here

While the article uses the label of a gang, they are far from the western understanding of that word. They are a club of amazing women serving their community, encouraging others, and breaking barriers!

We look forward to Piki Dada making the next visit to follow the Inked Sisterhood. We appreciate both Women's Bike Clubs coming to encourage our girls, share their professions and careers and reminding them of how special they are!

Asante Sana Inked Sisterhood and Piki Dada for what you do in the community and coming to visit us! We look forward to more work together!

(This photo above is not that of The Angaza Project. It is cited as: Cashman, K. (July 2019). Born to be wild: Kenya's female biker gang. Nairobi, BBC News. Retrieved from