Celebrating our Girls Empowerment Teacher, Miss Michelle!

We are thankful for the strong women involved in The Angaza Project every day, but we are celebrating something extra special right now! Our Girls Empowerment has been going strong for one year as of July 27th which means we are also celebrating Teacher Michelle's one year with us! Michelle has grown up in Kibera and also attended High School at a local community school within Kibera. She worked so hard in school, went on to some college courses and also completed a leadership-mentor training certificate. Michelle knows first hand the challenges that young girls face in Kibera and has a passion for creating change in her community. She has been working with girls as a community volunteer for years when we met her last July... inside of a school on a Saturday having a girls meeting.... doing what she does so well!

We are so proud of Michelle for the work she does for the girls and extremely blessed to have her as part of our ground team in Kenya. Michelle is a strong leader and an amazing role model for the girls we serve! Cheers to one year and many more ahead!

We asked Michelle to share a few words and here is what she had to say.... "What I love about working with The Angaza Project is that they make me grow each and every day, in working space and life space.They believed in my dream of making a difference for young girls in Kibera and gave me an avenue to help girls in the way I wish would have been available to me growing up in Kibera. I also love it because they are true to their work plus word, they are supporting the education of young girls through a sponsorship program, offering empowerment classes, skills classes, and distributing sanitary pads which are extremely important. I am so glad I am able to serve in these programs and make a difference for my community, my home!"

(Note, you can read more about Michelle's story on the pads in a previous blog post!)

Our Board of Directors would like to not only thank Michelle for her dedication to girls and women's empowerment, but also congratulate her on one year of service with us! Even though this has been her life long work up to this point, we are celebrating her year with us at The Angaza Project! The girls absolutely love her as their Teacher-Mentor too!