2019 Women's Hygiene Products Drive | Now through December 31

Many thanks to all who supported our 2019 Women's Hygiene Product drive so far! Last year, we had 5,787 pads to arrive which was amazing! The pads traveled with each trip throughout the year, but more recently, we have found local companies on the ground in Kenya to deliver to our project space directly when we buy them online! This will allow for better timed distribution over the next year, help us avoid some unique questions in customs where officials like to tax incoming products in large quantity, and avoid baggage limits by the airlines (weight limits especially with the bar soaps and number of bags without excess charges- additional bags with airlines can cost anywhere from 200-400 dollars per extra bag). We have also found that the costs of these products are a bit less on the ground in Kenya through this warehouse vs. in our stores in the United States.

We are still accepting donations for our 2019 Women's Hygiene Drive which will cover pads, bar soap, and washcloths until December 31st! You can be part of making a difference for women and girls in our service areas by providing safer hygiene and helping the girls avoid absences from school because they don't have safe products to use.

While the Kenyan Government has launched a program to provide for pads for girls in High School which is amazing, that program definitely does not reach every school and every girl, especially the community schools with which we work. This we know and see in our particular location which is why we want to make sure our girls in our programs have safe access. Adult women are not part of that government program so this drive allows us to serve our Women's Empowerment ladies throughout the year too. You can make a difference by:

1. Giving online by visiting https://www.theangazaproject.org/get-involved

* Under Get Involved, there is a link to Give Now

* Please make a note of Hygiene Drive

2. Mail it to:

The Angaza Project PO BOX 914 Princeton, NC 27569

* Please make a note of Hygiene in the memo line

These are the prices on the ground in Kenya when we can buy online from the warehouse for delivery or buy in person from the same place when there:

48 packages of pads = $24 per box

4 bars of soap per box = $1.34 per box Washcloths are much more expensive at the warehouse and can be found at other centers on the ground at comparable prices to the USA.

You are also welcome to donate packs of pads, washcloths, and bath bar soap to a Board Director! These are best for our work in Mexico as we have a contact who drives for a large company and passes through the location of our work with the Women at the Refuge and near the prison. They have dropped our boxes off for us each time we have sent them (at no cost for the drive- check out the blog post about the Unknown Trucker) and it helps us to avoid the excess baggage charges with airlines.