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Board Director receives a National Award

The Angaza Project would like to congratulate Board Director & Sponsorship Advisor, Kylee Henneman. Earlier in 2019, The Angaza Project submitted her service record and activities for consideration of the 2019 Award for The Corporation of National & Community Service and Points of Light. Just before Christmas, we received the official email that Kylee was in fact awarded for 2019 and that office sent a certificate and medallion. We managed to keep it a secret until we could find a date to surprise her. With the help of her Mom (Kayle), Sister (Bayleigh), friend (Elaine), Pastor (Dr. Jason Hughes), and friends at Idlewild Baptist Church, we were able to deliver the award to her as a surprise.

Two other Board Directors made the drive from Princeton, NC to Matthews, North Carolina early morning Sunday the 5th of January with the certificate and medallion in hand. As they approached the Matthews area, they were in touch with Kylee's Mom and Sister as to her whereabouts to ensure they would not "bump into her" on the roads going to the church. Kylee's sister turned on her location locator on her so she was able to see exactly where she was while we snuck into town so we could avoid her. We pulled into a shopping center and parked away from the road and then got the message that Kylee's vehicle made it to the church. When the coast was clear to pull in, we parked on the side of the church and went in the side door where we met Kylee's friend Elaine. Elaine helped us set up the room for the cakes and lemonade and get us around the back to the back stage of the church. We sat there behind the stage until the service began. After the Choir was finished, the Pastor said they had a special announcement (which was not in the program for the week).

He called Kylee up to the front and then said that The Angaza Project was here to share something with her. The two Board Directors came out from the back and loved the look on her face! She was not sure about what we were about to say or do in front of lots of people! The Board Directors shared information about Kylee's service in 2019, shared a powerpoint slide show, and presented her the award for 2019 from The Corporation of National & Community Service and The Points of Light while her Mom placed the medallion on her. After the church service, everyone was invited for cake and lemonade! Congratulations Kylee!

The award recognizes Kylee for the time and energy she has given to empowering women around the world through economic and education opportunities. She has been instrumental in closely monitoring the girls in the Shining Scholars Sponsorship program, she is the main point of contact for connecting sponsors to the applicants so more girls can attend school (without her work in this area, these girls would not be in school), she has brought support that allows teachers to serve the empowerment programs for girls and women and even provide a meal in class. She has also given much energy and time into helping to collect pads and soap for our distributions in both Kenya and Mexico. Last, but not least, she has been on the ground in both services areas in 2019, including the prison in Mexico so carry out the mission of the organization. Thank you Kylee for all you do in the world and congratulations on this national award!

In 2003, the President's Council on Service and Civic Participation founded the Volunteer Service Award to recognize the important role of volunteers. This award honors people who have positively impacted communities while also inspiring others around them! Led by the Corporation for National and Community Service and managed in partnership with Points of Light, this program allows Certifying Organizations to recognize their most exceptional volunteers.

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