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The Angaza Project is nominated for the 2020 DIAR Award from the Daima Trust in Kenya!

The Angaza Project received word that we were nominated for the Daima Trust's National Diversity and Inclusion Award for the category of "promoting programs that contribute to gender equality and women's empowerment. The DIAR 2020 Award (The National Diversity and Inclusions Awards & Recognition) theme is "Celebrating everyday inclusion in the workplace and society." The Angaza Project has been nominated for the 3rd edition of the National Diversity and Inclusion Awards & Recognition 2020 in the award category: N1: Diversity and Inclusion Award for Gender Equality, celebrating a Non-Governmental organization that runs projects or promotes programs that contribute to gender equality and women’s empowerment.

The National Diversity and Inclusion Awards & Recognition celebrates companies, government agencies, civil society organizations, non-governmental organizations and individuals who champion diversity and promote inclusion at the workplace and the society at large.

The awards initiative is a product of Daima Trust (Kenya), and has grown in breadth and depth since 2018, attracting leading brands and inspiring action towards making inclusion an everyday reality. It has seen participation from the nation’s most inclusive organizations, distinguished private, public sector, C-suite executives, social entrepreneurs, and leaders from diverse organizations.

We learned that we were nominated by Fay Sejo of LaFemme Coaching of Nairobi for this prestigious award and we are so grateful for the nomination. The nomination period closed January 15, 2020 and now it is to the panel of Judges from February 10- 28th for screening (February 28th is the date for notification of awards). We look forward to attending the March 2020 Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony with our Founder, Jennifer Wiley, our Vice President Joe Gichuki, and two of our Kenya Board Members Fay Sejo, and Michelle Akoth to represent The Angaza Project. We also look forward to additional University colleagues who are planning to attend in Nairobi should Angaza become the recipient.

We would like to thank the panel of Judges of the Daima Trust and members of the Kenya public for their time in reviewing our organization’s work in Kenya. There are so many excellent organizations serving communities across the Republic of Kenya and we are grateful to be part of the overall voice on these important topics. We are certain the final decision will be difficult because of all of the great work by so many. We truly love being part of the community and making a contribution to your future leaders.

(The organization on the block for this award)

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