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Services are temporarily suspended in Kenya | COVID-19

The World Health Organization labeled the corona virus as a global pandemic and around the world, action is being taken. The level of action has not been the exact same nor at the same exact time in every place. Friday we met for Maridadi Skills class and yesterday we were still able to meet in small groups (if providing sanitizer). Schools were still in session with just inter-school sports and activities canceled, churches were still permitted to meet (with sanitizer provided) and public transport was notified to keep vehicles clean and offer sanitizer to customers. We also knew that by the hour or day, directives can change and today, those directives changed!

Today, the Kenyan Government announced that all schools will close and asked all for social distancing, self quarantine measures, and to practice good hygiene. In compliance with the announcement, The Angaza Project will suspend our activities effective immediately. We will notify our community when we may resume.

We are so thankful that we used our time together this week wisely and were already preparing for things to change based upon what we were seeing in other places in the world. We used our workshop meeting time yesterday to talk about fear, acting on facts rather than fear, distributing health information on COVID-19 that is directly from the Kenyan Health Officials and Government, and thanks to the Friends of The Angaza Project, each of our girls in Girls Empowerment, Shining Scholars, and ladies in Women's Empowerment received a soap supply to take home for them and their families. Late last week, we had a large supply purchased in anticipation of later directives. (Thank you friends!) We also used our time to update our records and files on each participant, re-checking contact phone numbers, family members, and residency locations.

We will continue to provide updates as we have them. Thank you for standing with us during this time.

- The Angaza Project Board of Directors (USA and Kenya)

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