We want to say thanks and share an update!

The Angaza Project would like to thank the many friends who have stepped in and joined our work in Kenya. Due to COVID-19, our services are postponed because of the calls for social distancing and requests of the KE MOH and larger Government. We already miss our Girls Empowerment every Saturday, the women's empowerment with Teacher Fay, and our Maridadi Skills classes with Teachers George and Bernard. In our weekly phone calls to all of our participants to check in and stay connected, it is something we have heard from every girl at this point- I miss Teacher Michelle, I miss Fay, or they ask how Mr. George and Bernard are doing.

COVID-19 has truly strained daily life around the world, but also in Kibera. The daily hustle jobs that provide enough for that day's needs are no longer operating or are cut short from the curfew, this causes strain on being able to meet daily food needs. With the more recent lock down where nobody can leave or enter Nairobi for 21 days, we will expect some challenges with supply chain on food and essentials even though the government as assured movement to bring essentials will still occur (panic buying is a real thing).

Thanks for friends of The Angaza Project, we have been able to secure bundles of Ugali and distribute to our Shining Scholars and her family, each of the Girls Empowerment Girls and her family, the women, and of course our Teachers who serve the project every week throughout the year. This ensures the school lunch they would normally receive is available to them as well as helping with the family needs that may otherwise be unmet. We are so grateful the support has allowed us to do a second distribution this week with a third being planned for future weeks. The support friends have provided allowed us to pull the bundles before quantity does become an issue. We want to recognize and appreciate our relationships in the market which have made sure we can obtain the quantity we need (Thank you ladies, you are awesome), we also want to thank the best boda (piki) team in all of Kenya (guys, you rock and make it happen! One text and you are on it no matter the hour- we love you!). We want to shout out to Teachers George and Bernard who went from making the most beautiful flip flops in the world to learning how to make masks, their talent is unmatchable! Teacher Michelle, your work in keeping all of our records and activities organized from home and still directing traffic on it all has made it smooth, just like organized chaos should be- you are a true leader! We also want to thank our friends and supporters who are making all of this go! You are amazing!

Trivia: Did you know that we have already made 250 masks as of today? We will see what we do tomorrow!

We also want to send our thanks to the Kibera News Network (Reporter James) for stopping by and visiting us at our project through the doorway to peek in at what's happening with the masks. We hope you can come again once COVID measures are no longer needed so you can check out what we really do and actually come inside and be part of the activities.

We will share another update again soon friends, Asante Sana! (Thank you so much)