Planning, organization, and being pamoja (united) are key!

Planning and organization are key, especially when carrying out work in the community. Yesterday in Kibera, there was an unfortunate situation that occurred at the District Office where an unplanned food distribution took place resulting in chaos, leaving many injured. There are various news outlets reporting on the matter and while we don't favor one news outlet over another, here is one that describes the incident:

We checked in with our local team who had a bit more information about it and they were quite disturbed over it. We also checked in with the Pamoja Circle where about 15 other local organizations serving in/near to Kibera are members to discuss it (we look forward to more discussion in the East Africa group meetings next week). What came from that discussion in Pamoja Circle were questions about why community organizations on the interior were not given the contents to be distributors in their communities they know and serve daily? Today, a notice of a ban was posted noting distributions may not take place any longer. The Pamoja Circle has come back together and is discussing alternative methods.

UPDATE on the ban of distribution as of 4/12/2020 | Organizations can now communicate their distribution work and register to be on the list approved to do so per a memo that organizations received which was published.

All of the amazing organizations working in the community continue to work hard while balancing the restrictions of a curfew and social distancing.