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From the television screen to our place!

You might have seen her on television, Good Morning Kenya (KBC Channel 1 in Kenya) as an Author or even on the BBC representing a lady motorbike club, but did you know she is at The Angaza Project from time to time? Previously, Anne has been a guest speaker for the Girls Empowerment. It was extremely exciting for them when she brought all the ladies on their bikes featured by the BBC. After more planning, we are excited to have Anne work with our Girls Empowerment program and facilitate her curriculum and workbook she wrote (approved by the KICD Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development). Her visits are incorporated into our current topics and lesson plans we use with our Girls Empowerment Coordinator Michelle (and crafted by Kayla Lewis, School Counselor) and it will allow us to spend even more time on certain topics with the girls together.

" It will help further enhance their skills," says Michelle Akoth, Girls Empowerment Coordinator. "It also brings in additional voices for the girls which is so important"

"Anne's connection and commitment to her community is strong. We are so grateful to have such an amazing overall circle of women to support the girls. With Fay Sejo of La femme Coaching and Anne of Peer Publishing, these ladies and their direct circles widen the network of support for the girls and it also brings the same to our Coordinator, Michelle and College Volunteer, Jane on an even higher level as they near completing college" - Jennifer Wiley

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