Core Concepts with Suzy!

The Angaza Project is excited to be with Suzy Kahema, Founder and CEO of Core Concepts, a Psychological Support Company in Nairobi, Kenya. Suzy spent time with our Girls Empowerment and Shining Scholars today covering the topic of self esteem. The girls absolutely loved their time with her and said the following:

"Suzy really inspired me today and I will carry those ideas with me even in school" - Vivian

"We really had fun with Suzy, I took my notes to read over it again in the week!" - Cecilia

" When is the next visit on our calendar?" - Margaret

Suzy is a Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapist in the greater Nairobi area and her mental health services include marriage and family therapy, adolescent and child therapy, trauma counseling and intervention, clinical assessments, and she also serves individuals with substance abuse concerns and offers life skills and coaching in career and development support. Suzy also focuses on the integration of spirituality in her therapy work. When she is not serving clients in Core Concepts, she is serving in the Queen's Ministry International Kenya Chapter.

Our friend Suzy earned her Masters of Counseling Psychology and her national credentials from Day Star University, her Bachelor's in Leadership & Management from DePaul University in collaboration with Tangaza University College, and her Diploma and Certificate in Counseling Psychology from Amani Counseling Training Institute. She also holds other certifications in Life Skills Coaching, Mindful Self Compassion, HIV Testing Services, Project Management, and CBT.

" I am passionate about empowering humanity to discover themselves and reach the full potential of whom they intend to be. Under Core Concepts, my goal is to enable people to discover their inner self, enhance their self-esteem and self-awareness, and learn how to navigate life's challenges using their strengths. I really believe that when you empower a girl or a woman, you have empowered the nations," says Suzy.

In addition to her work with the community, she is also finalizing her upcoming inspirational book. Suzy's new publication follows her journey through significant loss, grief, and shattered dreams, but it is not where she remains. Her story will capture your attention and take you with her on her flight to freedom and new milestones. She appreciates all she has learned and the steps she has taken through her journey and she wants to keep helping others to discover themselves and reach their full potential in life too. We look forward to celebrating Suzy's publication with our Girls Empowerment by having a special, signed book reading with her once its published!

"The Angaza Project appreciates the work Suzy does in her community and we are grateful for the time and energy she gives to our programs. She is an amazing motivational speaker that truly leaves you inspired!"- Jennifer Wiley, The Angaza Project Founder

"Suzy captured attention with her self esteem topic and techniques in the classroom, all were inspired by her! "- Michelle Akoth, The Angaza Project Girls Empowerment Coordinator

Our Girls Empowerment and Shining Scholars ended the session with the reminder of a quote by Michele Ruiz " if people doubt how far you can go, go so far that you can't hear them anymore!"


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