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Girls Empowerment Career Connections from the Criminal Justice field!

The Angaza Project really enjoyed our visit this weekend in our Girls Empowerment Career Connections that discussed careers in the security, corrections, law enforcement, the courts, rehabilitation, and assimilating with the society. We enjoyed having officials from the High Court of Kenya, Police Commanders, and the Chairman and Liaison Director visit our space and reinforce important lessons about networking as well as the paths of study to these various careers in public service/criminal justice. It was extra special since our Founder, Jennifer, is part of the association in Nairobi and comes from work in the criminal justice field herself.

The association contains diverse membership in Kenya of law enforcement officials and rank, Officials and Judges of the High Court of Kenya, Crime Scene Investigators, Correctional Officials and Officers, Criminology Professors from various Universities and Colleges, DCI Officials, and more! We would like to thank our Founder's fellow Officers and association colleagues in Kenya, the MaDaFu Newspaper and the Mzuri Sweets Company for their time given to our Girls Empowerment as well as for facilitating items of need for our operations and girls, they truly appreciated receiving their care packs- Asante Sana!

Days later, the girls of Girls Empowerment are still talking about the different career options they were unaware of before the Career Connections visit this past Saturday and we expect it will be a visit they always remember! We look forward to planning more educational time together in the future with our colleagues!

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