String art with a talk on business skills with Artist Elizabeth Kambi of Nyatero Art!

From the local news stations and printed newspapers around Nairobi to The Angaza Project's Girls Empowerment, Artist Elizabeth Kambi of Nyatero Art spent the afternoon with us teaching the girls how to make string art and talking with them about business skills.

Elizabeth Kambi (left) studied Mass Communication and graduated from the Technical University of Kenya. As the pandemic hit earlier this year, she was deciding between continuing the search for work in her field which has become even more difficult in a pandemic or continuing to grow her talents and art business until she can enter her field at a later time. She had a job offer on the table.... but after doing some calculations, she determined she would make even more with her art. She decided to grow her art business for now and it has proven to be a good choice.

Elizabeth started making items for friends, family and the greater community by request. This continued to grow and it got to a point where it became the growing and popular business she hoped for, even attracting an international audience! Her work is now featured on the walls of local hotels, businesses and companies, family homes, and.... even The Angaza Project has a piece- A butterfly in various purples. Why a butterfly? Butterflies start out in one form (a caterpillar) and go through different growth stages before emerging with wings to fly high. This is quite meaningful to our girls as it represents their learning and growth stages and the wings they develop to fly so high!

As Elizabeth's art business grew, she quickly learned all she could about business skills. This is something she is now able to share with others along the way, including our Girls Empowerment. Today, Elizabeth visited us and the girls were incredibly excited. Each of the girls had their own board and they learned how to use the tools to create a design. After the design was finished, she talked with the girls about business skills and perseverance. The girls were able to take their boards home so they can decorate their space and always remember the lessons of the day with Elizabeth.

We appreciate Elizabeth for all she does in her community and we are so excited to work with her today! She has inspired the girls to tap into their creativity and they are already asking when they can see her again!

If you want something unique for your space, Artist Elizabeth Kambi is the artist to buy from!