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Updated Restrictions in Kenya | COVID-19

Update on our services in Kenya | Earlier today, the President of Kenya addressed the nation on the state of COVID-19 within Kenya. Our location is within one of the five counties outlined as “disease infected areas” (Nairobi County). The five counties named are now under a no movement order which means there is no movement into or out of the county (by air, rail, or road). Of the list of restrictions implemented, Public Order No.2 of 2021 on the Corona Virus Pandemic- #13-III notes that all public gatherings and in-person meetings of whatever nature are suspended within the ‘5 counties’ until further notice. In addition, #13- XIII notes “with respect to education in Kenya, there shall be the immediate suspension of all on-going physical learning in all our education institutions including Universities, and tertiary and vocational colleges, other than for candidates sitting for the examinations and those in medical training institutions, until otherwise notified.

Previously, we were operating under the allowances of limited numbers, distancing, cleaning measures, masks, and wash stations, coinciding with the schools. While the government and MOH allowed those activities under the required safety measures, this is now changed as of today. This means that we must again suspend our services at this time in order to do our part in supporting the updated directives of the government and the Ministry of Health. These new restrictive measures are effective as of midnight tonight East African Time per the government.

Students are currently out on spring break as this notice was issued by the government. We are in the process of contacting each of our Shining Scholars to inform them that our break based- Tutoring we had in place will suspend at this time. Our Shining Scholars who are in Form 4 and sitting for National Exams are going to continue to those exams coming up without interruption per the order. Our Girls Empowerment was also attending break based tutoring so we are working through our roster to inform them of the suspension at this time as well as for Girls Empowerment on Saturdays. Next, we will be reaching the women with the same information about suspension of services and Maridadi Skills.

Earlier in the week, we received a tip on the possibility of this coming and got ahead of it with obtaining supplies early on, before supplies become choked. We will continue to ensure our Shining Scholars and Girls Empowerment receive their daily lunch and monthly hygiene products in the same creative and distanced fashion we did before when the counties were locked last year. We are now in a position to build upon all we learned "on the fly" last year as restrictions unfolded and we were forced to think outside the box. We are taking what worked well from the practices we implemented and brainstorming new ideas with our community partners in areas to improve as we undergo this lockdown again, together.

As we continue to plan and have meetings with our team and community partners, we will share updates. We anticipate some additional impact of the lock as we all experienced last year, but we will continue to be pamoja (united) with our friend and partners in the community as we all do our part in supporting the Ministry of Health and Kenya Government requirements.

Thank you for your continued support of our programs!

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